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Malls and Markets in Antalya

In Antalya there are a lot of different size malls (shopping centers) scattered in the city, which are in addition to the shopping they are centers of entertainment and recreation. These malls contain many Turkish and global brands, restaurants, cinemas and games for children,

in addition to a lot of events and especially during the tourist season.

picture of open marketsThe tourism has been increased in recent years, especially from Russia and Europe which is more high prices, the thing that encouraged investors to develop and create many modern malls and many others which are under construction. To grow shopping centers in numbers and sizes in Antalya, and to be the shopping as another reason to visit this beautiful city.

All malls around the city offer transfer services. Prices generally are not cheap for the middle east ( the Arab Gulf states) and especially in foreign goods, but it may be very suitable for Turkish products and goods.

In addition to the shopping, these malls contain many restaurants especially the expert in Turkish kitchen and the prices are moderately compared to tourism restaurants.

Markets around the city and streets branching are the main markets of the city; they contain many shops that offer Turkish goods and products in very moderate prices. If you would like to buy souvenirs, artifacts and traditional clothing, the old city is the perfect place for it.

Migros mall

Migros mall in Antalya is the most important shopping center, and the most famous one. Especially for tourists because its closeness from Konyaalti Beach and largest tourist sites.

The Migros Mall is located along the beach against the Ataturk Cultural Park, the water city, and near the Water Antalya museumî Antalya Aquariumî

The mall is considered as an important center in Antalya for shopping and entertainment according to his position and area of more than 85000 square meters, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors a day.

Migros contain a huge supermarket, more than 90 shops, cinema and a hall can be suitable for a thousand persons, and it has a terrace with a magnificent view of the sea and the mountains and also it has a lot of restaurants that we advise you to test while visiting Antalya.

The reaching of the Migros Mall is possible by majority of buses because most of the bus lines pass near it, as well as offering the free transfer services to and from the mall.

For more information you can visit the Migros Mall site on the following link

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Visit Ataturk Park in Antalya

In your visit to Antalya you, you have to walk across the Ataturk Park which is along the seafront of the Antalya city center. Begin with end of Konyaalti beach almost to the limits of the old city center.

The park is daily full of local visitors and tourists in same time to enjoy the spectacular panorama views of the city, the sea and Taurus Mountains from the highest cliff which is covered with trees and flowers.

picture of antalya's ataturk-parkThe park characterizes of harmonious gardens and trees and its endless passes ways that give you a feeling in the far of the city bustle while you are in its center. Moreover the park offers what is suitable for all visitors in its famous restaurants, cafes, games and green areas in addition to the many stalls that selling drinks and Turkish night, all cafes become full of costumers to enjoy the narjela (shisha) with the sounds of live music.

The sport of air flying by parachute is speared on the west side of the park, which has a view on to the Konyaalti beach where the tee station is, in addition to annual presentation to jump into water from the top of the cliff under a sponsor byî red bullî, during the summer months there is no evening without an event or activities or even a free outdoor celebration.

The park is located in the opposite side of the Antalya archaeology museum and many of five stars hotels, as well as on the edge of the park, the ì tramî passes which take you to the old city that not far a few minutes.

The majority of restaurants are ready to receive visitors in summer times and also in winter through indoor halls, so this place offers the fun and entertainment all over the year.

Many of these restaurants have reputation for offering seafood and traditional Turkish meals,î Alara Restaurantî and ìBig Man Restaurantî are restaurants we recommend to visit for excellence in terms of food, services and magnificent views.

Because of the Ataturk Park is considered as one of the most important destinations for tourist, the management of the park pays particular attention to it, through the maintenance and care all the time.

We are advising to visit the park in the afternoon to enjoy it during daylight hours and night hours in one visit.

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